Color Rendering Index

Between understanding which energy friendly bulbs best fit your space and figuring out the different terms and acronyms in lighting, choosing a light bulb can actually be a bit confusing these days. Consumers need to be aware of what they’re really getting every time they make a purchase. This article will talk about CRI or Color Rendering Index. Below are the most common questions about CRI and what to look for when buying a light bulb. 

What is it all about? Colour Rendering Index is a system of measuring the accuracy of the colour of objects illuminated by a light source—in this case, LED light bulbs. The index gives us a way to measure how red reds look and how blues look under a certain light. The higher the CRI rating the richer colours look. Sunlight tops the index at 100, which why many say that natural light is the best kind of light. 

How Can you Get Better CRI from your Lighting? A CRI of 80 is common in many light bulbs on the market, and many consider this as a standard. Bulbs that have CRI scores below 80 are considered poor in CRI lighting. By simply choosing bulbs that have the highest CRI rating, you can see a big difference in light and color quality. Bulbs with higher CRI are perfect for spaces where you want to display different colours and textures. 

Is There any Difference in Light Bulb Types? Yes. Since different bulbs have different light qualities, they can give out a different light even if they score the same in the CRI. For example a CFL bulb can have a more “yellow” toned light which can actually change how the colors look. LED light bulbs, however, give a clear white light, which not only helps to enhance the tone of the colors, it also makes them more vivid. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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